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Встречаем свежий релиз новосибирских космопроходцев! Тягучая, гипнотизирующая смесь из жирных гитарных рифов, гроула, женского вокала и вплетённый в неё чарующий мелодический узор флейты проведёт вас по таким дальним уголкам космоса, что возможно вы не захотите возвращаться назад. Шикарный альбом. Пользуйтесь случаем и заказывайте CD

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Hey Joe!


Босота, сердце старого пирата просто не может дать вам ссыль на эту российскую группу потому что они ну супер ахуенные, + в вк они продают альбомы... Узри же эти приятные думовые трипы которые сдобрены знаешь чем, а? !ВНИМАНИЕ! флейтой, да!!! Просто волшебно, Я в дичайшем восторге!

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Vibrations Of Doom Magazine/DOOM Radio

Vibrations Of Doom Magazine/DOOM Radio

The Russian stoner/psychedelic/doom gods Evoke Thy Lords are unleashing a brand new album today... The tripped out title? "Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar!" Yes, that's the actual album title!! 3/23/2015 is the date this album hits (today as of this posting)... Be ready, 'cause it's on Solitude Productions... And yes, we WILL be featuring an alternate track from the one you can listen to here... The female vocals and the flutes are BACK!!! An enjoyable listening experience...

вторник, марта 31

Doomed & Stoned

Doomed & Stoned

Solid doomed out jamming with evil, sludgy vocals and a trippy psychedelic flute. That's EVOKE THEY LORDS. Almost forgot how good 2013's 'Drunken Tales' was. Give the first track a listen and see what you think.

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Первая рецензия на Boys!: Metal Storm zine

Nearly 25 years ago Jello Biafra (formerly of Dead Kennedys) teamed up with Nomeansno to urge me to "Ride The Flume."

Flash forward to 2015 and now Evoke Thy Lords is back encouraging me to ride the Floom.


Basic math. Flute + Stoner Doom = Floom.

And with the awesomely named Boys! Grow Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! the Siberian Cosmonauts are doling more of that stoner rock meets doom vibe. All topped off with woodwind work of Irina Drebushchak, who (to call back to a shameless movie reference in my review of Drunken Tales) "has a voice that could make a wolverine purr and plays flute so fine she makes Ron Burgundy sound like a hobo."

The band plays some great stoner jams. The drummer feels like he's just loose, chilling and flowing free behind the kit while the bass and guitar work together to bounce between crunchy jams and doomy power chord mashing. The flute shows up to float along and bounce over the jammy bits to provide some buzzchill, often, though, not appearing to be flowing with the current… sometimes just floating a tad off on their own, like a leaf on the wind.

The biggest drawback is the vocals on the male end. While Irina isn't going to unseat Tarja as femme icon, but her pipes are fitting. The death doom growls aren't that great, though and almost feel out of place. The raspier, near spoken bit worked better. As with the predecessor, the vocals are used somewhat sparsely. That works, as the band's at its best just jamming and grooving away, but they fill what would be an otherwise odd void. They fill a needed role as I think the album might be slightly diminished if just an instrumental affair.

The band toss in a few more curveballs, beyond that flute thing. Betrayer. Lier starts with what sounds like bongos, throat singing and a mouth harp.

So enough with my words. I suggest you check this out. In the meantime, I'm off. I need to research me some subterranean fungiculture.

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Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!

Без лишнего шума и пыли, новый альбом увидел свет.
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