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Boys! review: Forgotten Path

Forgotten Path Magazine:

I’m not that sure why Evoke thy Lords is described as a Stoner Doom Metal act… For me they sound too beautiful to be on such a page. I imagine that the entire Stoner sound should be based on psychedelic influences more, though I can’t deny this Russian band hasn’t done so (just read the title of the album one more time…). Anyway, the third full-length album of this act was a rather interesting and really nice experience. Everything is based on a slow rhythm and dark atmosphere, pretty sad mood. Believe it or not, but the highlights of the album are female vocals and flute parts, which add so much beauty and harmony to the creations and sound. In general, this isn’t your typical Stoner or even Doom Metal album – this is so much more, no matter if you see it as experimental, or just not an ordinary one. I would say the album is not that heavy, but rather dark, and even if the entire waves are not that cold (as for a Metal album), still the release has a special aura that is definitely not of a sunny origin…

The tracks, which have male growling vocals and more traditional Stoner riffs, are not those which I enjoyed most, but luckily, the entire album is full of those flute sounds and additional female vocals, and that’s harmony already. The band managed to successfully mix traditional features of the genre and something that could be alien here. However, everything fits really well. Some more original and interesting creativity could be welcome, but the band showed its high value with success. A beautiful and solid album, indeed – try it, as it’s not exactly what you could expect from the title of it…

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