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Еще немного отзывов

Еще немного отзывов, по мелочам.

Evoke Thy Lords are from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. The band has formed in 2002 and released two full-length albums and one ep. Their influences reach from progressive elements combined with psychedelic space guitar jams and, luckily, rare sludge vocal parts. (Yesterdays Dream)

Solid guitar sound, powerful grooves, trance-inducing flute sounds, extra heavy riffs and psychedelic elements is what you will find here. Absolutely recommended for everyone into something Stoner/Doom/Sludge like a mix of Sleep, Kyuss, Shrinebuilder, OM, Electric Wizard, High On Fire and Eyehategod, but adding their own unique spin on things. (Memento Mori)

Evoke Thy Lords - Cause Follows Effect - masterpiece and first stoner/doom stuff on Russian doom compilations. Other stuff is not bad and have some good moments, but most tracks gone on  background as 3/3+ stuff, IMO best comp was 2005 and 2007/2009 releases is OK but not something very important, just sample CD for the history of Russian death/doom scene. 2009 you need to buy anyway - Cause Follows Effect available only here. (Rate your music)

И подкаст Stumbling in the dark c Cause Follows Effect в качестве заключения:

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