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Stonerobixxx и психоделический паблик

Evoke The Lords is a five-headed beast hailing from Siberia, Russia. Drunken Tales is the band's second full-length released through Solitude Productions.

Let me start by saying that this album is one of the weirdest, coolest and heaviest things I heard all year. Evoke Thy Lords combines an array of different styles and genres to create a truly unique sound you don't hear everyday. To somehow describe it; A progressive brew of trippy death, doom and stoner with an arousing touch of bluesy psychedelica, space and folk. The band's extensive sound goes far beyond the usual standards we get from this "type" of music. It drags you from the bulky swamps of rifftastic stoner/ doom to a fairy tale land filled with soothing bass lines and meditative flutes. Sounds crazy, but it's done in a really eccentric and immersive way. From the solid instrumentation and songwriting to the massively hypnotizing sound.

Drunken Tales by Evoke Thy Lords is a wicked gem you should check out asap. For fans of Vulgaari, Mozergush and Kamni.

Группа из Роисси! Вдохновленная, как полагается, Лавкрафтом! (Понятно чего ожидать)
Обходя давящие клише тяжелой музыки, банда ловко экспериментирует, добавляя флейту в поток эмоций, тем самым придавая нотки фолка.

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