суббота, апреля 6

Рецензия на Drunken Tales от шведов

Over to something different: Russian psychedelic doom/sludge/stoner in the name of Evoke Thy Lords. Well they incorporation of the transverse flute in their music, and that really makes this interesting, in my ears.
It is slow, it is wobbly bass strings, a guttural rough vocal, groovy as hell and some nice melodies. The transverse flute really creates a great out-of-this-world atmosphere. The sound is very laid back and could come off as a jam-session. But I kinda like this laid-back attitude, where the bass and guitar at times seems to follow their own paths into each their own parallel universe. It is a bit ‘flummigt’ as we saw in Sweden, a little loose, unfocused, ‘music on pot’ so to speak
Well I like it, and that is that.

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