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Drunken Tales: ревью от Metal Storm

По свежеобразовавшейся традиции предваряем рецензию от Metal Storm квинтэссенцией текста от дружеского нам гугл-переводчика:

Все это, безусловно, имеет растянуты плавающие в космосе атмосферой, результат перекрестного опыления дума с южной атмосфера, и, возможно, некоторые 70-рока. 

More reviews from Solitude means more "Same Shit Different Dudes" Post-it notes, extreme doom bands of varying quality, and My Dying Bride disciples of varying quality. But hey, Drunken Tales by Evoke Thy Lords sports a cosmonaut in barfly mode at Moe's Tavern on the cover, so who knows?

Three beers into a lazy Saturday afternoon I popped it in, tuned in, and spaced out.

Yeah, these guys abandoned their copies of Turn Loose The Swans and The Angel And The Dark River for some Down, Corrosion Of Conformity, and a bong.

The net result is five eight-minute plus tracks of doom that sounds like these lads are from NOLA rather than Novosibirsk. Their doom comes not only with some definite rumbly-bass groove, that is reminiscent of (insert Southern Rawk meets Metal band here) at times, Shrinebuilder at others.

Oh, and it also comes complete with Ron Burgundy* laying down jazz flute over the top of the whole thing giving it a pretty unique and enjoyable vibe, particularly when they drop out and go Mellow Moment ™ mode.

Vocals are decidedly gruff, but sparsely used and pushed back in the mix so as not to fuck with the groove.

The whole thing definitely has a spaced out floating through the cosmos vibe, the result of cross pollinating doom with southern vibe and maybe some 70's rock.

Drunken Tales on repeat was a great way to spend a lazy afternoon, one I will definitely do again. Don't let the flute freak you out, this was the wildcard of the recent "From Russia With Love Doom" pack (see also Stangala from last year), but was cool enough to immediately leapfrog to the top of my queue of infinite review. Pick a nice spring afternoon, grab some of your favorite firewater and just chill.

*OK, so it's not Ron Burgundy, but Irina Drebushchak has chops and probably melted a copy or two of Cathedral's Forest Of Equilibrium.

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