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Рецензия на Drunken Tales от Metal Revolution

Yet another review from Russian-based Solitude Productions and yet another doom metal record. This time it is Evoke Thy Lords, a stoner doom metal act from Russian Federation (Novosibirsk city).

Drunken Tales is their second full-length material, a five-tracker album. Actually, it contains only four original and ordinary song and one closing bonus track named “Cause Follows Effect”. This track finalizes the album giving the end to the space walk.

Their sound is not entirely about doom but also contains some southern vibe; accompanied by some sludge and 70s rock elements, which gives this extra layer to their music. Heavy guitar tunes, excellent riffing, gruff and groovy vocals (although the album is almost devoid of vocals which is quite strange?!), powerful bass groove and hypnotic jazz flute sounds, providing a pretty unique and enjoyable vibe, are just some of the things one can hear on this record.

Songs are perfectly composed and song structures are really fantastic. There’s a certain amount of heaviness, catchiness but also psychedelia and melancholia which makes it quite diverse and enjoyable to listen to.

Drunken Tales is not like any other album popping up once in a wide from Solitude Productions. This shit is different and an opus that is brilliant mostly due to its instrumentation. Recommended for fans of Down, Kyuss, Saturnus, Corrosion Of Conformity, My Dying Bride, Cathedral etc.

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