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Свежеобнаруженное ревью на Twofaced CD

Довольно-таки внезапно и случайно обнаружилась англоязычная рецензия на последнюю изданную работу - CD-сплит Twofaced. Материал, конечно, немного в другом музыкальном ключе, но ознакомиться с ревью было интересно. Читаем ниже:

Evoke Thy Lords/ Riders On The Bones
American Line Prods.
Elapsed Time: 43: 33

“It Isn't The Fame But The Courage That Matters”

I'm just starting the fourth month of the year and I guess that I already found the best shared disc of Doom Metal of the year [at the moment]. It is about two Russian bands practicing a nice Doom Metal, one with a huge-thick sound and the other one with more aggressiveness and less intensity reaching this way, a disc that offers the opportunity of tasting a bit of what is done on those far and frozen lands. Not everything is living military, walking around ghost cities, living on the shadows of nuclear plants, hunting bears, drinking that vodka that rasps the throat, walking on metro stations that seem to be true art galleries and without doubts a beautifulness surrounded by woman.

EVOKE THY LORDS is presented as the first exponent incoming from Novosibirsk with a style of those that classify themselves as Gothic/ Doom Metal with Death elements which have suffered through diverse variants since their beginnings in 2002. About Gothic I can't tell you much because I posses a huge ignorance about that style and I won't wish to learn something about it, but I can do talk about that there's a little quantity of Death Metal mainly on the gutturalization of the voice. On the other hand the music of this line up unwinds itself more on the Doom Metal Melodic and Atmospheric derived from a punctual flute, synthesizers, feminine vocalizations and a huge thickness in all and every single step on the guitars' chords. How many great and really good famous female vocals do we know? Do your tables; add +1 and records, well her name: Irina Derevshikova, A potent and decisive vocal for Doom Metal? +1 too, add to your list Alexey Kozlov. The other of their smart musicians is what made me say that it isn't the fame but the courage what matters. 1 cover of Amorphis + 3 original tracks among them highlighting “Worm-eaten Tree” because of its capacity of making you float through those forests and then making you fall with a huge uncertainty because the lack of knowing when you're touching the land. The white color portrait and a skull invaded by deformity seemed like an octopus that will make you think that is going to be a pretty simple disc with few modals, something more aggressive with Death content and few culture, but no..."

Посмотреть или скачать источник целиком (это журнал в pdf-формате) можно здесь.

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