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Boys! review: Pest webzine

Oh man, this one sounds so weed-friendly, so much more laid back than law allows, that it's almost impossible to listen to it without at least once close your eyes and let yourself go on the wings of your thoughts, dream, fantasize, chill. The third album from this Russian combo follows the next step of letting oneself go, 2 years after being drunk (Drunken Tales), they thought becoming farmers, modern farmers (Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!). Mixing Stoner, '70's Doom with an almost oriental but definitely psychedelic flute, Evoke Thy Lords, and a hint of Doom Death also, are something else, a different kind of expression within this genre yet without abandoning its typical aspects: organic, fat sounding bass lines and low tuned guitar riffs.

The other highlights of this release would be the awesome structured groovy rhythms that make me bob my head continuously, and some good Rock female vocals here and there, although the main vocals (Doom Death male growls) are less expressive than they should. All in all a highly enjoyable release for the ones of you in search of a good mix betweeb Psychedelic Rock and Doom Metal.

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