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Boys! review: Wonderock. Bandcamp band of the week.

Flutes, growls and crunchy-doomed-out melodies are what you get with Siberian outfit Evoke Thy Lords. Their new release "Boys, Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!" just hit and I swiped it up quickly. Clocking in at a meaty 45 minutes and not a song under 5 minutes I'm definetely not one ounce disappointed.

This new one seems to be more of a focused effort than their previous release "Drunken Tales". The riffs are contagious and the collaboration of two different vocal styles makes this one to remember. The growls are vicious and crushing. The female vocals are soft and haunting making the pairing work surprisingly well; not many bands can do this. The music is maybe a little more simplistic and definitely less spacey and psychedelic than their previous efforts. That's far from a bad thing. Did I mention the flute? It works, it's not overly used or just thrown in to be there. It's one element that sets this band apart. For a mere 4 bucks you can't beat it. It's available on their bandcamp page.


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